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Trafficking Statistics

How big is the problem?
These are some of the estimated statistics.

$150 Bil

Global Profits from Trafficking Annually

800 k

Trafficked Across International Borders Every Year


Trafficking Victims are Woman and Girls

4.8 Mil

Trafficking Victims are Sexually Exploited of which an estimated 2M are children

Latest Articles

Stay informed on the latest news regarding Human Trafficking and our attempt to lobby government.

Safe Schools & CSE
My son was told he could wear a dress to school.
December 10, 2018

Cella White, mother of four, speaks about her personal ordeal with the ‘Safe Schools’ program.

Safe Schools & CSE
Whats Gary Dowsett got to do with it?
December 10, 2018

Academic Professor Gary Dowsett, unashamedly pro intergenerational sex advocate.

Survivor Stories
Deanna Rae Parsons Rodriguez Victim Story
September 4, 2018

“The Hollywood Experience” Hi, My name is Deanna Rae’ Parsons Rodriguez and this is going to be a story that is although hard to believe....

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