Exposing and educating

In advocating for victims, Aussies 4 Child Rescue aims to provide a safe and supportive platform for victims to come forward and report abuse offences. It is our aim that through this process, we will be able to expose criminals, educate society and seek justice for victims.


Aussies 4 Child Rescue will lobby Government for the following:
1. Remove pro-pedophilia and pedophile grooming content from the current Safe Schools programs.
2. Expose the cover-up and eliminate the facilitation of institutional child sex trafficking.
3. Mandatory prison sentencing for child rape and abuse offences.
4. Public child sex offender register.
5. Whistle-blower Protection Act for child abuse victims and whistle-blowers.
6. Reopen and undertake a proper investigation into the Wood Royal Commission, Mullighan Enquiry and the Heiner Affair. Some cases have had a 80 year suppression order to protect the government officials and elite. These need to be reversed and exposed.

Helping Victims

Aussies 4 Child Rescue will assist victims to come forward and report abuse offences. Our collaborative network of professionals will provide support throughout each stage of this process.
Our work with victims includes, providing safe houses, access to resources and support services and providing workshops and education services to the public.